Collectors information & Description: 

Adalberto Santiago album cover photos

Adalberto Santiago is a world famous salsa singer.
He was born in barrio Pozas of Ciales, Puerto Rico. Adalberto’s relaxed and flawless lead vocals are amongst the best in salsa, and for over two decades he has sessioned as a coro (chorus) singer on countless New York recordings. His early influences included the great Cuban vocalists Beny Moré and Miguelito Cuní

Music Genre: Salsa Music

The album: “ADALBERTO SANTIAGO – S/T Self-Titled” was produced by: Javier Vazquez

Label and Catalognr: Fania JM 591

Record Format:
12″ Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram  

Year and Country: 1981 Made in USA


Side One:

  • Mi Guajira / Se Va Mi Querer
  • Se Seca el Mar
  • Sarandonga
  • Se Fue mi Montuna

Side Two:

Side Two:

  • Alma Guajira
  • Fuego y Candela
  • La Bonita
  • No Me Pertubes

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