1980s Heavy Metal Bands from Denmark

An annotated list of heavy metal bands from Denmark, bands who have been active during the 1980s:

Alien Force (DNK)
Artillery (DNK)
Brainstorm (DNK)
Brats (DNK)
– The Brats band (Copenhagen, Denmark) is formed by Frank Zaster (Vocals), Hank de Wank (Guitars), Mickey Rat (Bass), Eddie Haircut (Drums) in 1978. Their initial music style is Punk.
– In 1979 the Brats band changes their musical style from Punk into Heavy Metal. This year they also sign a contract with CBS records.
Danger Zone (DNK)
– Michael Denner forms Danger Zone after leaving Brats in 1980
– Michael Denner plays guitar with “Danger Zone” from 1981-1982.
– Michael Denner and Timmi Hansen leave “Danger Zone” in 1982 to join “Mercyful Fate”.
– Apart from a couple of demo’s, “Danger Zone” did not release any official recordings.Geisha (DNK)
– The Geisha band from Denmark was active between 1985-1988
– Notes on Geisha:
– GEISHA was Heavy Metal band from Denmark (1985-1988) during this period they recorded three demo’s and one full length album. “Phantasmagoria” is there one and only officially recorded and released album.
– The GEISHA band is interesting as it marks the beginning of the career of “Pete Blakk” and “Hal Patino” who later joined “KING DIAMOND” and “BLAKK TOTEM”.
King Diamond (DNK)
– KING DIAMOND is a Danish Heavy Metal from Copenhagen, Denmark and was formed by King Diamond (real-name: Kim Bendix Petersen). Co-founders of the King Diamond band are: Andy LaRocque, Michael Denner, Mikkey Dee, Timi Hansen.
Maltese Falcon (DNK)
– “MALTESE FALCON” an Heavy Metal band from Copenhagen, Denmark formed in 1983. They have released one official full-length album: “Metal Rush” in 1984.
Mercyful Fate (DNK)
– “Mercyful Fate” is an influential Danish First Wave of Black Metal group who are often cited among the influences in the black metal, thrash metal, power metal, and progressive metal genres. They are also credited as a pioneering band of the first wave of black metal.
– Mercyful Fate was formed in 1981 in Copenhagen, Denmark on the ashes of the punk/metal band Brats. Their most relevant period in Rock (Heavy Metal) was between 1981 and 1985. Apart from some smaller projects/recordings they produced two full length albums: Meliassa and “Don’t Break the Oath”.
Pretty Maids (DNK)
Skagarack (DNK)
Witch Cross (DNK)
– Official website with “Witch Cross” history: WitchCross | History
Never Mind (DNK)
Evil (DNK)
Palladion (DNK)
Black Fire (DNK)

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