A0646 ROLLING STONES Out of our Heads (6835 107)
Album cover “Out of our Heads”

“Out of Our Heads” is The Rolling Stones’ third British album and their fourth in the United States. It has significant track listing and album cover differences between territories.

Transcript of the original liner notes:

Its a new Rolling Stones album, strictly out of their heads, and out of those five extremely talented heads come twelve great new sides recorded in London, Chicago and Hollywood. From Chicago come the Otis Redding songs, -That’s how strong my love is,” “Have mercy,” and the Stones’ own tribute to the backroom boys of the music business, entitled, “The under assistant West Coast promotion man.” From Hollywood, comes the Marvin Gaye opus, -Hitch hike.” Then there are smash singles, “The last time” and Satisfaction,” “Play with fire,” and two from Mick and Keith, “The spider and the fly” and “One more try”. The boys have included a great Solomon Burke ballad, “Cry to me.” The last outing from Hollywood is by way of a tribute to Sam Cooke, who was one of the greatest talents to emerge in the rock.n*roll era. The Stones have given a great treatment to Sam’s “Good times.- Last, but not least, from London, we have included a number recorded during a Rolling Stones Concert Tour of Great Britain, a great live rendition of their own composition, “I’m all right”- We hope that this album gets you out of your heads listening to it, as we got making it. 
Andrew Loog Oldham 

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