A0659 ROLLING STONES Emotional Rescue

Collector’s notes for ROLLING STONES – Emotional Rescue ( detailed background information on the persons working on this album)

This ROLLING STONES – Emotional Rescue can be identified / distinguished by the following attributes :

Album Front Cover Details:

The album front cover has the band-name “Rolling Stones” and the album-name “Emotional Rescue” printed in Red. There is no catalognr on the front cover.

Album Back Cover Details:

How does the album back cover be different from other versions

  • There is NO barcode on the album back cover
  • On the top right corner are the catalognr for the LP “1A 062-63 774” (Boxed) and the catalognr of the Cassette “1A 262-63 774” (Unboxed). The notation of the catalognr on the album back cover is slighty different from the catalognr on the record’s label. See enlarged photos below
  • The bottom left corner has the EMI-logo inside a white box and the text “All rights reserved Printed in Germany by 4P Nicolaus GMBH, Köln”
  • Is there a catalognr on the back cover
  • Is this catalognr the same as the catalognr on the label

This album comes with a very large poster

Album Record Label Details:

  • The record labels are printed in yellow, with the “Red Tongue” logo.
  • The label code “LC 2251” is printed near 3 o’clock
  • The catalognr “1 A 062.63 774” is printed near 3 o’clock
  • The rights society is “STEMRA”
  • Near the bottom of the label, at 6 o’clock , there is “Made in Holland”
  • The rim-text is printed in English.

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