A0665 PINK FLOYD The Wall

Collector’s notes for PINK FLOYD – The Wall ( detailed background information on the persons working on this album)

This PINK FLOYD – The Wall can be identified / distinguished by the following attributes :

Album Front Cover Details:


This double LP album “The Wall” comes in a so called gatefold cover, on the front and back cover shows a white brick wall.
How can the album cover be distinguished from other versions of this album

There is NO band-name printed on the album front cover.
There is NO album-title printed on the album front cover.
There is NO catalognr on the album front cover.
Album Back Cover Details:

How does the album back cover be different from other versions

There is NO bar-code on the album back cover.
There is NO catalognr on the album’s back cover.
Album Inside Cover Details:

On the inside of the gatefold cover there is

Credits for all the people working on the production of this album.
This album comes in light cardboard custom inner sleeves (OIS), each of these with the lyrics of all the songs performed by “Pink Floyd”.

Album Record Label Details:

Record label information:

The record labels are printed in Blue/White with text printed in White.
There is NO label code on the labels.
The “RIghts Society” is “STEMRA” which is printed near 3 o’clock
Below the “Rights Society” there is “MADE iN HOLLAND” printed
Above the “Rights Society” there is the HARVEST Logo
On the left hand side of the label near 9 o’clock there are the catalognrs:
1A 158-63410
(158-63410 A)

The rim-text on the label runs from 9 o’clock to 3 o’clock
Album Fact Sheet: PINK FLOYD – The Wall
Music Genre: Prog Rock, Acid/Psych Rock
Album Production information:
The album: “PINK FLOYD – The Wall” was produced by: David Gilmour, Bob Ezrin, Roger Waters, James Guthrie

Sound/Recording Engineer(s): James Guthrie, Brian Christian, John McClure, Nick Griffiths, Patrice Quef, Rick Hart

This album was recorded at: Super Bear Studios, Producers Workshop, CBS Studios, New York

Album cover design: Gerald Scarfe, Roger Waters

Record Company / Catalog number / Label: Harvest – 1A 158-63410
Record Format12″ Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 480 gram
Year & Country: 1979 Made in Netherlands

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