This is the first Dutch release of “The BYRDS – Greatest Hits” and the record label has a solid Orange colour and the CBS “Walking Eye” Company Logo. Later issues of the Dutch release have an orange to yellow colour grading on the label. 

 A transcript of the original liner notes by: Dave Swaney, dreaming about the first years of “The Byrds” musical career

 Things are happening so incredibly fast. Was it really three or four generations ago that The Byrds came along and helped turn the whole pop music scene around? 

 Were they conservative then? Or now? Whatever, their thing was beautiful and heavy and will be as it is. Lasting. There will be this big nostalgia binge, and because so many people were part of what happened, and because they were an overwhelming part of a larger renaissance, The Byrds will be revered. 

 It is too early for that now because The Byrds are still happening and very, very valuable. But it is good to be nostalgic, and necessary to find one’s rung, and so much good was the start of so many better things happening and about to happen. So why not? 

 They were five where they are now four, and all of West Coast hippiedom, which is to say Los Angeles because San Francisco was yet to become as it is, was catalyzed by their sound. The Byrds brought them down from their canyon hideouts, in from their beach shelters, from Big Sur camps—and Mexican co-munes, down from Sierra and Mojave anonymities, to dance and be together and realize how strong their numbers were.

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