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Album: “Never, Neverland” is the second official full-length album by the Canadian Thrash metal band Annihilator. The album was recorded and released in 1990 and is the first album with Coburn Pharr being the lead-singer. 

Annihilator a Canadian Speed & Thrash metal band formed in 1984 by guitarist Jeff Waters and vocalist John Bates.  “Never, Neverland” is one of the records considered to be influential Canadian heavy metal.

This web page has photos of album covers, inner sleeves, record labels together with production details, musicians and track-listing. 

Large Album Front Cover Photo of ANNIHILATOR - Never, Neverland

On Sale: ANNIHILATOR – Never, Neverland 

Card image cap

ANNIHILATOR – Never, Neverland 12″ Vinyl LP Album

Buy Now 34.99€

Album’s Condition and Grading Details 

Strict grading according to the Goldmine Grading for Vinyl records has been applied, this record has been carefully visually inspected to determine the grading.


NEAR MINT (NM or M-): A nearly perfect record which has no obvious signs of wear.


NEAR MINT (NM or M-): The album cover looks closeto perfect and has no folds, seam splits, cut-out holes, or other noticeable similar defects.

See detailed photos of the actual item on sale, further down this page

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