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Robert Plant Collector Notes

Robert Plant information in a nutshell: Robert Plant a British Singer best known as lead singer of the British Rock band “Led Zeppelin” in which he performed from 1968 until 1980. He started his singin career in the band “New Yardbirds”, which later became “Led Zeppelin”. After “Led Zeppelin” was disbanded, Robert Plant participated in many projects and bands , he has worked many times together with Jeff Beck (eg The Honeydrippers) and Phil Collins.

There exists a 12″ Collectors Edition Mini-LP which includes a remix long version of “Litte by Little”. “Little by Little is a track from the 3rd Solo Album by Robert Plant.



ART OF NOISE Who’s Afraid of the Art of Noise

Art of Noise Who's Afraid

Art of Noise‘s first full album, (Who’s Afraid Of?) The Art of Noise!, consolidated the future shock of the earlier EPs and singles in one entertaining and often frightening and screwed-up package. Rarely has something aiming for modern pop status also sought to destroy and disturb so effectively. The most legendary song is still “Close (To the Edit),” benefiting not merely from the innovative video but from its strong funk groove and nutty sense of humor in the mostly lyric-less vocals, not to mention the “hey!” vocal hook the Prodigy would sample for “Firestarter

Titles include BEAT BOX and moments in love, working titles for art of noise’s first album included: Beat Box, Worship, Snapshots and the Movement of Desire, But the Art Of Noise suddenly realised…

ZTT (Zang Tuum Tumb) Records, 1984, 2060492, Made in West Germany

Photography Anton Corbijn