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This album includes the original custom inner sleeve with album details, complete lyrics of all songs by Slayer and photos of the Slayer-band. 

“Hell Awaits” is the second studio album by the American thrash metal band Slayer, released through Metal Blade Records in 1985. The band’s previous release, “Show No Mercy”, became Metal Blade Records’ highest selling release; as a result, producer Brian Slagel desired to release a second Slayer album. To that end, Slagel financed a recording budget (Show No Mercy was paid for by band members) and recruited several experienced producers to help in the studio

Trivia: Slayer American Thrash band

SLAYER is an American Thrash Metal band formed by Tom Araya, Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman, in 1981 Huntington Park California. During the period 1981 until 1990 they have released in total 7 albums as EP or LP These albums are:

1983 Show No Mercy, Slayer (USA)
1984 Haunting the Chapel (EP), Slayer (USA)
1984 Live Undead (Live Undead), Slayer (USA)
1985 Hell Awaits, Slayer (USA)
1986 Reign in Blood, Slayer (USA)
1988 South of Heaven, Slaver (USA)
1990 Seasons in the Abyss, Slayer (USA)

This section of the Vinyl Record Collectors guide lists the complete gramophone aka vinyl LP record discography of the Thrash Metal band SLAYER. On this summary page you will find album/record catalognrs, album titles, year of issue and country in which the record was issued.

A couple of notes on the band-members (past and present of the Slayer band:

Dave Lombardo (Full-name: David Vincent Lombardo) is a drummer and together with Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King founding member of the American Thrash Metal band “Slayer”. He played with Slayer during the periods 1982-1986,1987-1992,2001-2013. Dave Lombardo has performed with “Mike Patton” from “Faith No More” in a couple of bands, these bands are: “Dead Cross”, “Fantômas”. Bands in which Lombardo has performed include: Dead Cross, Escape, Fantômas, Grip Inc., Melvins, Pap Smear, Philm, Sabotage, Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies, Testament, Voodoocult.

Kerry King (real-name: Kerry Ray King) born in Los Angeles, California, June 1963, Guitarist and co-founder of the American Thrash Metal band Slayer. He has been performing with Slayer since 1981. During 1984 Kerry King performed as a substitute guitarist with the American Speed/Thrash Metal band “Megadeth”.

Jeff Hanneman (real-name: Jeffrey John Hanneman) was born in Oakland, California in January 1964 and founding member of the American Thrash Metal band: Slayer. He performs with Slayer from 1981 until his death in 2013 due to health issues.

Tom Araya, (real-name: Tomás Enrique Araya Díaz), lead vocals, bass guitar player was born in Viña del Mar (1961) and founding member of the American Thrash Metal band “Slayer”. Tom Araya has active in Slayer since it’s formatin in 1981. Before forming Slayer, Tom Araya was in a band called “Tradewinds”.

Detailed information incl collector’s information, production information, and photos of the album covers can be viewed by selecting the records below individually.


Asgard is a Dutch Power/Thrash metal which was originally named “Angel Dust”. This is the only one official album: “In the ancient days”.

Rene Tholen, Peter Visscher, Harry Gravers, Appie van der Lei and Catrinus Homan originally started the “Angel Dust” band in Emmer-Compascuum, in the Dutch province Drenthe (Drenthe is known as the birthplace of the Polder-Blues band Cuby and the Blizzards.)

Around 1985 “Angel Dust” was disbanded and Appie van der Lei , Catrinus Homan, Harry Gravers, Peter Visscher and Rene Tholen continued as the ASGARD band.

ASGARD – In the Ancient Days album cover photo
Great Vinyl on this is album cover photo of ASGARD – In the Ancient Days
Collector’s notes ( detailed background information on the persons working on this album)

Album Fact Sheet: ASGARD – In the Ancient Days
Music Genre: Speed/Thrash Metal
Album Production information:
The album: “ASGARD – In the Ancient Days” was produced by: Ingo Nowotny Music Enterprises

Ingo Nowotny is a German producer and former musician from Usingen.

He founded at least four rock (later Nazi/RAC) labels and/or publishing companies: Metal Enterprises, Nowotny Music Enterprises, Nowotny’s Noize and IN Career Development.

Ingo Nowotny is from Usingen in Germany and is known for the production of several Heavy Metal albums in the late 1980s. Bands for which he produced albums include: Asgard, Beast, Black Virgin, Blowin Free, Bohse Onkelz, Break Point, Burning Vision, Escape, Expect No Mercy, Extreme Napalm, Godzilla, Kahlkopf, Reaper, Think of Misery.

Executive Producer: V I N O

This album was mastered at: Studio-Nord-Bremen

Album cover painting: Ken Kelly , L+Z Grafik&Design*

Ken W. Kelly is a fantasy artist. Over his 30-year career, he has focused in particular on paintings in the sword and sorcery and heroic fantasy subgenres. In the 1980s he did the album covers for Manowar, Asgard and Rainbow.

Album cover photography: Lino Schäfer

Record Company / Catalog number / Label: N 0054 LC 9066 / 06 4412 SPV GMBH
Record Format 12″ Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram
Year & Country: 1986 Germany


A0366 Agent Steel Unstoppable Force
Front Cover of “Agent Steel’s” “Unstoppable Force”

Collectors information & Description: 

“Unstoppable Force” is the second and final album by the Speed Metal band: “Agent Steel”, after the recording of this album the band split up.

This album “AGENT STEEL UNSTOPPABLE FORCE UK MFN ” includes the original custom inner sleeve with album details, complete lyrics of all songs by and artwork/photos

If you like “King Diamond’s” high-pitched singing style, you will definitely like “John Cyriis’s” singing on this album.

A graphical view (concept map) of all the people who contributed to this album

Album Production information:

The album: “AGENT STEEL UNSTOPPABLE FORCE UK MFN ” was produced by: Dan Johnson and Agent Steel

Executive Producer: Steve Sinclair

This album was recorded at: Morrisound Studios

Sound engineer: Randy Burns

Mixing Engineer: Tom Morris

Digital Mastering a Criterion Studios, Miami Florida on 23 July 1986
by Mastering Engineer: Mike Fuller

Mike Fuller is founder of the Fullersound Inc , sound studio in Fort Lauderdale, Miami. Mike Fuller has been responsible for the mastering of many heavy metal albums.

Album cover photography: Rick Frehsee, Media Tech , Miami Florida

Front cover location: Atlantis Region, Bimini, Bahamas
Collector Notes:

Bernie Versailles (real name: Bernie Versye )has played in Metal bands including: Agent Steel, Engine, Masters of Metal, Redemption.

The real name of Chuck Profus is Charles Profus. Chuck Profus started his career playing drums with Agent Steel and worked with Agent Steel from 1984 till 1988. After leaving Agent Steel he played in bands like Pontius Prophet, Black Reign, Sanctuary, The MOFO Homeboys. In the bands “Pontius Prophet” and “Black Reign” he continued to perform with his mate from “Agent Steel” John Cyriis.

Dan Johnson- Producer and sound engineer has succesfully produced and engineered heavy metal music during the 1980s. Some of the band he has worked with include Coroner, Crimson Glory, Death, Mad Max, Savatage.

John Cyriis is together with Chuck Profus the founding members of the “Agent Steel” band. John Cyriis name is mispelled as John Cyriss on the Agent Steel album Unstoppable Force. In the bands: “Black Reign” and “Lemegeton” , “John Cyriis” was using the pseudo: “Max Kobol”. John Cyriis used the pseudo “Father Damien” while singing in the “Pontius Prophet” band. In the bands “Pontius Prophet” and “Black Reign” he continued to perform with his mate from “Agent Steel” Chuck Profus.

Juan Garcia, has played guitars in several Heavy Metal bands, including: Abattoir, Agent Steel, Evildead and others.

Mike Fuller is founder of the Fullersound Inc , sound studio in Fort Lauderdale, Miami. Mike Fuller has been responsible for the mastering of many heavy metal albums.

Mike Zaputil (Full name: Michael Zaputil) has played in several Heavy Metal bands before joining “Agent Steel (1986-1987, 1998-1999)” in 1986. These bands include: “Malice (1981)”, “Sexist (1983)”, “Letchen Grey (1983-1985)”, “The Mofo Homeboys (1986-1991)”. Notes: Some websites may mention that “Mike Zaputil” has played in 1982 with “Armored Saint”, however in 1982 “Joey Vera” was bass player with “Armored Saint”
“Morrisound Recording” is a music recording facility located in Temple Terrace, Florida , owned and operated by the three brothers Laurel, Tim and Jim Morris. The facility has been used for recording dozens of heavy metal albums, in particular albums for “Agent Steel” , “Cannibal Corpse”, “Death”, “Kreator”, “Nasty Savage” and “Sepultura”.

Randy Burns is an American Music producer, Sound Engineer, and sound mixer. Responsible for the recorded sound of many Heavy Metal bands during the 1980s. Bands he has worked with include: 3rd Stage Alert, Agent Steel, Aversion, Bitter End, Chris Poland, Crumbsuckers, Dark Age, Dark Angel, DBC, Dead End, Death, Excel, Helstar, Kreator, Leatherwolf, Lizzy Borden, Ludichrist, Megadeth, Morgoth, Mortal Sin, Nuclear Assault, Possessed, Suicidal Tendencies, Uncle Sam, Zoetrope.

Scott Burns, – has been producer, sound engineer, mixing enginer of many Heavy Metal bands from 1987 till 2012.
Steve Sinclair, In the 1980s Steve Sinclair has been a successful producer for Heavy Metal bands. As an A&R Manager for Combat Records and Mechanic Records he produced many talented Heavy Metal and Punk bands. These bands include: Death, Crumbsuckers, Agent Steel, Nuclear Assault, Zoetrope, Ludichrist, Possessed, Dream Theater, Voivod, Vio-Lence, Abattoir, Dark Age, D.B.C., Dark Angel, Helstar

Tom Morris was together with his brothers (Laurel and Jim) owner of “Morrisound Recording Studios” in Florida

Nasty Ronnie (from the Heavy Metal band: “Nasty Savage” is background vocals on the the tracks “Indestructive” and “Rager”.

Record Company & Catalog number: Music For Nations MFN 66
Record Format12″ Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram
Year & Country: 1986 UK