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Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here Germany 12" Vinyl LP
Front cover of Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

Collector’s notes for PINK FLOYD – Wish You Were Here Germany ( detailed background information on the persons working on this album)

Album Front Cover Details:

This album comes with a custom inner sleeve made from light cardboard
The album cover shows a photo of two men shaking hands
There is NO band-name and NO album-title on the front cover
There is NO catalog-nr on the front cover
Album Back Cover Details:

In the upper right corner of the album back cover are the catalognr’s for the LP and for the Cassette editions:
1 C 064-96 918
1 C 244-96 918

There is NO barcode on the back cover
Inner Sleeve Details:

On one side of the custom inner sleeve near the center bottom, we can see:

EMI Electrola (Logo)
EMI Electrola GMBH – All rights reserved. Printed in Germany by 4P NIKLAUS GMBH, Köln (Note: this line will be different compared to other releases of “Wish You Were Here” from Germany)

In the bottom right corner of the inner sleeve is the catalognr:

1C 064-96 918

Album Record Label Details:

The label has black and blue color and a YELLOW dot. (Note: other releases of this album can have a white dot)
There is NO label code on the record’s label
The Rights Society “GEMA” (boxed) is printed near the center in the direction of 5 o’clock.
The catalognr is printed near 4 o’clock
1 C 064-96 918

Is the catalognr the same as on the cover`?
The rim-texts on the label run from 1 o’clock to 9 o’clock and 7 o’clock to 3 o’clock. The rim-texts are printed in the German language
Near the bottom of the label, at 6 o’clock is the Harvest company logo
Near the bottom of the label, at 7 o’clock there is:
(P) 1975
EMI Records

Album Production: Recorded at Abbey Road Studio
Record Label: EMI Harvest / Electrola 1C 062-96 918 (1C062-96918)
Record Format: 12″ LP
Album weight 280 grams
Year & Country 1975 Made in Germany


A0643 PINK FLOYD Animals (5C 062-98434)
Album front cover of Pink Floyd’s Animals with Flying Pig

“Animals” is the tenth studio album by English progressive rock group Pink Floyd, and was released in January 1977. A concept album, it provides a scathing critique of the social-political conditions of 1970s Britain, and presents a marked change in musical style from their earlier work.


A0644 PINK FLOYD Wish You Were Here
Album Front Cover

This release has the same catalognr “5C 062-96918” printed on the album back cover, inner sleeve and labels, other releases will have different catalognrs on the album cover and labels (eg album cover 1A 062… and label 5C 062…)

Collectors information & Description: 

“Wish You Were Here” is the ninth studio album by English progressive rock group Pink Floyd, released in September 1975. Inspired by material they composed while performing across Europe, it was recorded over numerous sessions at London’s Abbey Road Studios.

This album “PINK FLOYD – Wish You Were Here (5C 062-96918) ” includes the original custom inner sleeve with album details, complete lyrics of all songs by and artwork


A0634 KRACQ Circumvision
Front cover of Kracq’s Circumvision album on vinyl

CIRCUMVISION is the first (and only) recording recorded around February 1978 released as a limited edition of 500 copies on the privately owned record label UAP (Unidentified Artists Production Records).

KRACQ was a Dutch Prog Rock, Acid/Psych band formed in October 1977 by Twan and Cees, who were joined by Bert and Jos (all being ex-members of the bands: King’s Ransom and Carmine Queen, thus the band-name KRACQ is a composition of names of these two ex-bands).

Transcript of the original Liner Notes:

Via different ways and at the same time this is the encounter racing cars at the Routiers Club old William leaves us short of sleep aching throats and inspiration foggy heath on a sunday walk after the hi-ha-ho chanting high hymns laughs versus coughs we love Toyota she was cosey and we’ll miss her peanutspread oranges kept us alive and the visions broke through thank god we had Hans, a commercial studio-engineer would have thrown us out (we quote: reeds voor weinig geld en da kredde be blieb blieb nie kloar) perhaps we needed more time but the result is ours creation besides songs at least as important to us it obviously is we were caught in our circumvision