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A0667 PINK FLOYD Relics
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This release of Pink Floyd’s Relics LP has been made in FRANCE for distribution in Germany and The Netherlands

Collector’s notes for PINK FLOYD – Relics ( detailed background information on the persons working on this album)

This PINK FLOYD – Relics can be identified / distinguished by the following attributes :

Album Front Cover Details:

The album’s title “Relics” and the band-name “Pink Floyd” are printed in the upper left of the album cover.
The catalognr “1 C 048-50 740” is printed in the top left corner of the front cover.
The EMIDISC logo is printed in the top right corner of the album’s front cover.
Album Back Cover Details:

How does the album back cover be different from other versions

The top left of the album back cover shows the “EMI” Company logo (boxed)
The top right corner of the cover shows the catalognr: 1 C 048-50 740 L
Near the bottom of the cover is the text:
“EMIDISC is a product of EMI-Group Companies issued in Germany by ELECTROLA GMBH., Köln, in Netherlands by N.V. Bovema, Heemstede.”

Album Record Label Details:

Record label information:

The Record Label of this release of “Relics” is Black/Yellow(Orangish)
There is NO label code on the record’s label.
The Rights Society “GEMA” is printed in the upper right half near 1 o’clock
The catalognr “1 C 048-50 740” is printed right of the spindle hole in the direction of 3 o’clock
The rim-text runs from 12 o’clock to 9 o’clock and is printed in the French language.
The last words on the rim-text are: “MADE IN FRANCE BY PATHE MARCONI”.
Matrix and run-out code

Matrix / Runout (Runout stamped A side): 50740 A 21 C M6 279506
Matrix / Runout (Runout stamped B side): 50740 B 21 D M6 279751

Album Fact Sheet: PINK FLOYD – Relics
Music Genre: Acid/Psych Rock, Prog Rock
Record Company / Catalog number / Label: Emidisc – 1 C 048-50 740 L
Record Format12″ Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram
Year & Country: 1971 Made in France for distribution in Germany and Netherlands